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Charlotte Divorce Law FAQ

At Collins Family & Elder Law Group, we have more than two decades of legal experience in family law and divorce law. Having represented many families in our community, we are familiar with how emotional and confusing this process may feel. We are confident in our ability as experienced Charlotte divorce attorneys to both address your questions and represent you in a way that provides you and your family with the peace of mind that you need during this time. Read on to learn how we can help you successfully navigate the divorce process in Charlotte.

We hope that our answers to the following series of commonly asked questions that we receive at the firm can be helpful to your current dilemma. Of course, if you have additional questions, or if another concern has emerged after reading through this page, we can provide you with the answers you require when you consult us.

Do you have more questions? We have a solution!

If your question was not answered above, do not feel as though your divorce or family law matter is too complex. Divorce is an incredibly complex area of law. It is important that you obtain the information that you need to proceed with your divorce matter, so do not hesitate to contact Collins Family & Elder Law Group!