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Amy Chiapputo

Client Engagement Specialist

At Collins Family & Elder Law Group

Amy is based in the Firm’s primary office in Monroe, NC. Amy works closely with the marketing and sales team, as well as balancing 12+ attorney calendars for scheduling consultations. Amy accompanies our clients from the first time they contact our office, through intake, consultation, and onboarding.

Education & Experience

Amy Chiapputo grew up in Northern Florida on the outskirts of Jacksonville. She attended the University of Florida, where she obtained a Bachelor of the Arts in Criminology, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with a concentration in Behavior Analysis.

During this time, Amy had the opportunity to assist in wrongful conviction research. Through the different projects she worked on, she was able to see the different perspectives of the criminal justice system and those impacted. At the same time, Amy worked in retail sales as both an associate and, later, a manager. Combining these two experiences led her to discover a real passion for understanding people’s personal needs and finding effective ways in which to help them.

Personal & Professional Activities

Outside of work, Amy loves to find different creative outlets, whether that be writing, drawing, painting, or crafting. She also is an avid reader, owning over one hundred books.


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