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Landmark Decision: Constitutionality of 50B’s Exclusion of Same-Sex Dating Partners

By Rebecca (Becky) Watts  M.E. v. T.J., decided North Carolina Court of Appeals, December 31, 2020 (Constitutionality of 50B’s exclusion of same-sex dating partners) In 1979, the North Carolina General Assembly added a chapter to our General Statutes to “provide remedies for domestic violence.” In these newly created domestic violence statutes, remedies were available to you …

How Do I Get My License Back If I Owe Child Support?

How Far Behind in Child Support Before They Suspend Your License? Did you know you can lose one, or even all, of a variety of licenses when you fail to pay child support? After a divorce, many parents find themselves splitting child custody with their ex-spouse. The parent who does not have full custody of …