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Five Mistakes to Avoid in Life After Divorce for Men

Five Mistakes to Avoid in Life After Divorce for Men Sometimes, divorce is a much-needed relief from a toxic relationship. Other times, it can be a life-altering catastrophe that ends in heartbreak. Movies tend to portray women as the ones who experience most of the emotional distress, while men are often depicted as being hardened …

The Stages of Emotional Affairs

It is commonly accepted that, when it comes to extramarital affairs, there are two main kinds of cheating: physical cheating and emotional cheating. The word “cheating” makes most people assume that sexual relations occurred, but emotional cheating can be even more damaging to a marriage than sex. It’s common for people who have fallen into …

How to Tell Your Kids You’re Getting a Divorce

The thought of telling your kids about your impending divorce may be gut-wrenching, but it’s a conversation that must happen. Be assured — if you handle the conversation tactfully, you can minimize the pain for everyone involved. Having been instrumental in many divorce cases, Collins Family Law Group knows the strategies that work best with …