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At Collins Family & Elder Law Group, we understand the unique challenges families with special needs children face. That’s why our dedicated and compassionate special needs planning lawyers are here to help you create a plan for your child as they grow. We aim to help you find tailored special needs solutions for your child’s circumstances, protecting their well-being and future. 

If you need help handling estate planning for your special needs child or children, our special needs planning attorneys in North and South Carolina are ready to support you at every step.

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Expert Special Needs Planning Services: Trusts, Guardianship, and More

Our special needs planning attorneys in North and South Carolina can guide you through various situations, including:

  • Guardianship 
  • Special Needs Trust 
  • ABLE Accounts
  • Public benefits planning

We are here to help. Please call us for a comprehensive special needs planning consultation today.

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Special Needs Planning

Caring for any child can be challenging at times. However, parents of special needs children often face additional challenges concerning their child’s healthcare needs and quality of life. Questions often arise, such as: 1) How will I pay for the special services that my child may need? 2) How can my child receive a settlement or an inheritance without being disqualified for public benefits? 3) How do I plan to protect my child during my lifetime and after my death? Our attorneys can help you find the solutions to these issues to ensure you can provide the proper care for your child with special needs.

How Can I Protect My Special Needs Loved One’s Future?

A lot of love and dedication goes into caring for a loved one with special needs. That’s why our special needs planning services give you the information and tools you need to have peace of mind that your child or loved one will be cared for throughout their life. 
At Collins Family & Elder Law Group, we’ll help you create a comprehensive plan for your child through every life stage, ensuring they have the care, benefits, and assistance they need. The best way to protect the future of your special needs child is to meet with one of our special needs planning attorneys in North or South Carolina and develop a plan that changes with them as they grow.

Estate Planning Stages for Children With Special Needs in North & South Carolina

It can be challenging to complete estate planning for a disabled child in North or South Carolina, especially when it may be unclear what their future holds. Our specialized planning approach helps you address the unique challenges you may face while raising and caring for your child with special needs. 

Whether you want to plan for an infant or small child, a teenager, or an adult with special needs, we support you with comprehensive and compassionate guidance through each stage of your child’s life. 

Stage 1: Planning for Infancy and Pre-Adolescence

  • Get a diagnosis from a medical professional as legal protection for accommodation, advocacy, and education laws. 
  • Create a plan for early childhood healthcare, including medications, needed specialists, and school accommodations for appointments. This is also an excellent time to consider who you would like to be your child’s guardian and medical power of attorney if you can no longer care for your child. 
  • Learn about potential accommodations your child may need for school. You can also look at early intervention and special education programs that may be helpful for your special needs child. 
  • Create a financial plan to address the expense of caring for a child with special needs. You can also look at programs like a life insurance policy or Medicaid that can financially care for your child if you pass away unexpectedly.
  • Consider whether to proactively appoint a guardian in estate planning documents in the event you become unable to act as your special needs minor child’s guardian at any point.

Stage 2: Planning for Adolescence

  • Consider additional educational options for your child, including high school or college, if they are capable of the possibilities. 
  • Take care of the paperwork to name yourself or another trusted individual as a Durable Power of Attorney for your special needs child as soon as they turn 18.
  •  Consider updating estate planning documents to account for alternative adult guardianship in the event you pass away and in preparation for your special needs child’s 18th birthday.
  • Look at work experience options if your special needs child might be able to handle this as they get older.

Stage 3: Planning for Adulthood

  • File the Durable Power of Attorney paperwork once your child is 18. This ensures they legally have the protection they need regarding health, financial, and legal decisions. 
  • Complete your estate planning to ensure your adult child will be cared for upon your passing. This step includes designating who should be appointed guardian over your child and setting up a financial arrangement to continue providing for your child’s care. 
  • Your child may be eligible for Social Security Income and Medicaid benefits based on their special needs. This can potentially happen while they are a minor but should be available to them once they turn 18, so you can plan to ensure you’re ready to file on their behalf once they reach adulthood.

So many factors go into special needs estate planning, and you may feel overwhelmed with all the decisions you need to make and eventualities you need to account for. That’s why working with an experienced special needs planning attorney in North or South Carolina is crucial to ensure you feel prepared and informed every step of the way.

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