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Court Order Modification Attorneys

When a court order for custody, child support, or alimony is entered, in an ideal world that order would govern the parties’ rights and responsibilities indefinitely. However, circumstances change throughout the years, so an order that was once reasonable may not be anymore. This may warrant a second look. 

When your situation changes, you may feel hesitant to modify court orders in NC or SC because you don’t want to spend time and emotional energy reopening the litigation process. Fortunately, our attorneys at Collins Family & Elder Law Group can determine whether alimony or child support modification is warranted and ensure a hassle-free experience for you and everyone else involved.

If you want to modify court orders in NC or SC and you’re searching for an attorney to help you do so, contact one of the skilled family law attorneys at Collins Family & Elder Law Group. We can help you prove a change in circumstances to give you the best chance at a modification of your custody, child support, or alimony order.

Alimony or Child Support Modification in North or South Carolina

You may be able to modify court orders in North Carolina or South Carolina if there has been a substantial change in your financial situation since the original order was entered. You and your spouse can reach a modification agreement through the process of mediation or collaborative law. If you cannot reach an agreement this way, the trial court will have to make the modification decision for you. 

Whether your case is one for mediation, collaborative law, or litigation, allow Collins Family & Elder Law Group to explain modification law to you and help you present your case for modification of a support order.

Child Custody and Support

In NC or SC, a child support modification or custody order modification will be permitted in the event of a serious life change for one or both parents. Court orders may need to be changed for many reasons such as:

  • Significant income loss or the loss of a job: In NC and SC, your current child support order may be altered if the changes to your financial situation has changed so much over the course of three years that it would impact your child support payments by at least 15%. 
  • The needs of your child have changed, resulting in a need for more or less support: There are many reasons that your child could need more or less child support. For example, if there is a sudden change in health or the child is struggling in school, child support may need to be increased to accommodate health and education costs. Conversely, child support payments might need to be lowered if, for example, a child who is no longer in daycare is still receiving extra support to account for for daycare services.
  • Changes in any of the factors that were used to calculate support
  • A change in child’s needs, interests, or activities as the child matures
  • A parent moving out of state and making visitation rights difficult
  • A parent experiencing a significant change in work schedule
  • Situations of domestic abuse or violence
  • Differences in the needs of the parties
  • Retirement

In cases like this, parents can negotiate a new custody agreement through mediation or through the court. With help from a custody attorney from our firm in NC or SC, we can help you prepare for a child custody modification agreement or litigation. We will work with you to gather and present the best evidence to show that a modification is warranted and would be in the best interests of your child.


Circumstances that merit a change in alimony payments are similar to the conditions that justify alterations to child support payments in NC or SC. Alimony payments can be altered if a spouse has had a significant change in circumstances, such as an unexpected and involuntary financial loss. In this case, the spouse can file for downward alimony modification. The opposite can also be true. If a spouse has had an upswing of financial success, this could be grounds for upward modification of alimony, which can be filed by the dependent spouse.

Court Order Modification in North and South Carolina

Get Help With a Court Order Modification in North and South Carolina

Looking for a lawyer for court order modification in North Carolina or South Carolina? We have helped countless families throughout these regions in their family law matters, including court order modifications and enforcement. We know how complicated and exhausting the process can be, but if your life’s circumstances have significantly changed, you should not be burdened with the stress of continuing to operate under an order that no longer makes sense. We can help determine what legal actions are available to you.

To learn more about how Collins Family & Elder Law Group can be of assistance in your court order modification, do not hesitate to contact our firm today.

Client Testimonial

She cares about her clients

Usually when you need an attorney it isn’t under the best circumstances. My attorney at Collins Family Law Group helped me by listening to my situation and genuinely caring. I was informed step by step as to what the process was and what to expect next. She got the results I wanted, securing all that I asked for. I would highly recommend to anyone that is in need of an attorney.


Why Choose Our Court Order Modification Attorneys?

  • We offer expertise — Board Certified Family Law Specialist at the firm.
  • We have proudly served North Carolina and South Carolina for over 25 years.
  • We pursue peaceful solutions and have licensed mediators on our team.
  • We are zealous advocates if litigating the case in the courtroom is required.
  • We are known for creative, client-centered strategies.

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