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Enforcement of Court Orders in North Carolina

Enforcement of Court Orders | Collins Family Law

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Ideally, once there has been a resolution of family law disputes and a court order has been entered, the parties would be able to go forward and could count on the other party honoring their court-ordered obligations. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the trial court’s orders. If the other party is not complying with the terms of your court order, is failing to take actions required by the order, or is acting in complete disregard of the court order, you may need to take action to enforce the order. The specific mechanism available to you for enforcement depends on the type of obligation you are seeking to enforce.

Looking for an attorney for a court order enforcement in Charlotte? If a former spouse failed to follow through with a court order that involved child support or child custody agreements after a divorce, you need to speak immediately with a trusted Charlotte divorce attorney from Collins Family Law Group.

We know that it is tough to rehash a legal matter, but it is absolutely imperative to your family to take legal action as soon as possible. We have dedicated nearly two decades of experience to helping families in our community by providing excellent legal representation in matters that arise after a divorce.

Legal Help from an Experienced Charlotte Divorce Lawyer

Unfortunately, even after an order has been entered and the parties’ rights and responsibilities have been set, one party’s failure to fulfill their court-ordered obligations can result in more litigation. A trial court can enforce its orders through a contempt proceeding. A party who has willfully violated the terms of a court’s order can be required to go to immediately comply or risk jail time for failure to comply.

If a party fails to satisfy the terms of a court order, there are several things a trial court may be able to do, including:

  • Ordering jail time
  • Ordering wage withholding
  • Ordering the transfer of property
  • Ordering the other party to pay your attorney fees

The other party’s failure to hold up his or her end of a court order can have a serious impact on your daily life and can cause financial and emotional hardship on your family. If the other party is not obeying the terms of a court order, we can help you hold them accountable by seeking a remedy from the trial court.

Enforcement of Orders from Another State

Relocation | Collins Family Law

In our highly mobile society, it’s likely that you or the other party will move at some point in time. What then happens to a North Carolina custody or support order if a party or the child moves to another state? What happens if you have an order entered in another state and you relocate to North Carolina? Custody or support orders entered in one state may be enforceable in another state pursuant to the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act or the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act and the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act have been adopted in every state. These laws ensure that one state’s orders will be honored in another state and provide a mechanism for one state to enforce the orders of another state.

If the other party is violating a court order by refusing to allow parenting time, failing to make support payments, or ignoring the court’s directives regarding asset and debts, help from a skilled Charlotte divorce lawyer from Collins Family Law group can ensure your rights are protected.

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Do You Need to Take Legal Action Against a Delinquent Spouse?

Do you need a lawyer in Charlotte, NC, for help enforcing a court order? If you decide to take legal action against the other party because of delinquent support payments, violations or a custody order, or other noncompliance with the court’s directives, our legal team is here for you.

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We are here for you. With the right legal representation from the outset, we can minimize the risk of additional legal action and provide effective legal counsel that can help reduce the emotional burden. We can help you recover your rightful child support or custody entitlements.

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