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Family law issues are sensitive in nature and surrounded by complex laws. At Collins Family & Elder Law Group, we have the proven dedication and the right combination of compassion, legal knowledge, and experience to help you navigate the process successfully. We understand that emotions are high, and it is our goal to guide you through this difficult time by giving you the best possible legal advice to address present issues and to protect your future.

Adoption | Collins Family Law


We can help ensure that welcoming a child into your family remains an exciting, joyful time. Our team is by your side from filing paperwork to attending court hearings so you can focus on growing your family.

Child Custody | Collins Family Law

Child Custody

The process of determining a custody and visitation schedule can be an emotional one. If parents cannot agree on what’s best for the child, the court has to make that decision. We can help you negotiate a resolution if possible or litigate the issue if necessary.

Child Support | Collins Family Law

Child Support

Although in most cases, child support is determined by application of the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines, dispute can arise if the parties cannot agree on what income or expense numbers to use or if a party ordered to pay support does not make the payments. We can help ensure that the correct child support obligation is established and collected.

Divorce | Collins Family Law


An absolute divorce is the severing of the legal relationship between husband and wife. Although the procedure for obtaining an absolute divorce may be a straightforward one, an absolute divorce affects your rights and responsibilities. We can explain these rights and responsibilities to you and assist you in obtaining a divorce without negatively affecting your other rights.

Domestic Law Appeals | Collins Family Law

Domestic Law Appeals

If the trial court incorrectly applied the law or did not properly consider the evidence, you may be able to appeal that decision to the North Carolina Court of Appeals or the North Carolina Supreme Court. Our experienced appellate attorney can present your case for you.

Elder Law

Elder Law

No matter what your need may be, navigating the legal issues of estates, trusts, elder law, and Medicaid can be overwhelming. The laws are complex and not easily understood. The attorneys and staff at Collins Elder Law Group are aware of this and work hard to make sure you understand the law and the impact it can have on you and your loved ones.

Enforcement of Court Orders | Collins Family Law

Enforcement of Court Orders

Even after a court order has been entered, you may face legal battles with the other party if they fail to comply with the court order. We will work to ensure the court holds them accountable.

Fathers Rights | Collins Family Law

Fathers’ Rights

Many fathers feel helpless during child custody and child support cases. Understand your rights so you can fight for your family.

Grandparents Rights | Collins Family Law

Grandparents’ Rights

Divorce often impacts families beyond the separating couple. Grandparents may have a case to fight for visitation, scheduled contact, and more with their grandchildren.

Mediation and Collaborative Law | Collins Family Law

Mediation / Collaborative Law

In most cases, a negotiated resolution is better for you than a court-imposed resolution. Whenever possible, we strive to resolve family law disputes in an amicable, cost-effective manner through mediation or collaborative law.

Modification of Court Orders

Over time, circumstances may change in a way that renders a custody order no longer in the best interests of the child or a support no longer equitable. We will work with you to determine whether your order may be subject to modification and to present your case for entry of a new order.

Property and Debt Division

Property and Debt Division

In equitable distribution, marital assets and debts are supposed to be divided in an equitable manner. Unfortunately, parties may not always agree what is equitable. Our experienced trial attorneys can present your best case to the trial court.

Relocation | Collins Family Law


Moving can pose many challenging child custody issues. Discover your options and what factors the court will consider when deciding if the relocation is in the best interests of the child.

Same Sex Divorce | Collins Family Law

Separation Agreements

Many couples choose to enter into a separation agreement instead of asking the court to resolve their legal issues. We will help you explore the differences so you will know whether this approach may be a good option for your family.

Separation Agreements | Collins Family Law

Spousal Support

In determining whether to award spousal support, the trial court examines each party’s income and expenses and then considers whether an award of alimony would be equitable. Because of the complexities involved, you need an attorney who understands the law and has experience making arguments to the court.

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