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Grandparents’ Rights Lawyers in Charlotte

Grandparents Rights | Collins Family Law

Passionately Fighting for Your Rights

At Collins Family Law Group, we understand custody disputes are difficult for everyone in the family. While the main focus of the custody action is on the parents and their children, there are many other people who are affected – including the grandparents.

We know as a grandparent, your primary concerns are the well-being of your grandchild, and all you want to do is fight for the opportunity to give as much love, care, and support as possible.

Our team will work tirelessly to advocate for you and your rights to see your grandchildren, if the circumstances of the case allow you to take legal action.

You may have grounds for us to fight on your behalf to secure the following rights and more:

  • Visitation
  • Vacation and travel
  • Scheduled contact, such as phone calls and emails
  • Regular updates on the child’s well-being and home life, ensuring the child’s residence is not abusive or neglectful

Client Testimonial

She cares about her clients

Ms. Collins is a superb attorney that I would highly recommend. She cares about her clients, is very knowledgeable, has a professional, kind demeanor, and always gives 110%.

Stephanie E.

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Watching your grandchild being the subject of a custody dispute is not easy, but with our Charlotte grandparents’ rights lawyers on your side the situation can seem less daunting. With our legal team at Collins Family Law Group to provide you with excellent and comprehensive legal counsel, even the worst of scenarios can become less challenging.

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We are dedicated, compassionate, and experienced Charlotte divorce lawyers who have one goal in mind: providing you with the legal advocate you deserve.

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  • We offer expertise — Board Certified Family Law Specialist at the firm.
  • We have proudly served North Carolina for over 20 years.
  • We pursue peaceful solutions and have two licensed mediators on our team.
  • We are zealous advocates if litigating the case in the courtroom is required.
  • We are known for creative, client-centered strategies.

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