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The Right Fit


One of my new addictions on Netflix is “Selling Sunset” which is based in sunny California. If you’ve never tuned in, the show is based on an all-female real estate agency that sells million dollar mansions in Los Angeles to the rich and famous. It’s addicting if you aren’t careful-so be warned! One of the most interesting episodes is when a client interviews two real estate agents and then picks the one she feels would best suit her needs in finding the perfect L.A. hide-a-way on the Sunset Strip. The episode made me think about how imperative it is to find the best attorney and team to meet your legal needs. 

On Selling Sunset, the “client” asked both real estate agents what their style was for selling homes which was a very thought-provoking question and eventually helped her choose the perfect real estate agent. Asking your potential attorney a similar question can help you identify what your attorney values as vital and how they can lead and counsel you during the divorce or child custody action. During our consultations at Collins Family & Elder Law Group, you have the opportunity to ask questions and speak directly to your potential attorney. Often you will also meet our staff members and paralegals so you know who your support team is during the process. 

Additionally, when you retain an attorney, you will likely sign an agreement with the firm or attorney you hire. It is imperative to read through the agreement and ask any questions you may have because you have very likely never hired at attorney before. Each firm operates differently so knowing what each firm requires can help you navigate what firm is the right one for you. Understanding filing fees, payment, billable hours, etc. can further help you understand how the process works and the financial aspect to your case. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask these questions and read through the agreement prior to hiring the firm. 

It is so critical to be comfortable with your attorney because let’s be honest, divorce and custody can be messy and vulnerable at times. You want to be able to speak freely and openly with your attorney about any concerns or issues you are facing. We are on your side and want to help you work through it. Collins Family & Elder Law Group provides you with email and phone access to your attorney, paralegal, and staff members so you have the ability to contact them when needs or controversy arises. Feeling a connection to your attorney and team will make you feel much more serene while working through your case. Our goal as attorneys is to help you understand the law and relieve some of the stress that inevitably comes with a life change. Much like the real estate world, you want to feel comfortable with your attorney and plans moving forward. 

Finally, you want an attorney who is professional. On another episode of Selling Sunset, one agent wasn’t prepared for a showing which created a lot of television drama, as you can imagine. However, it is a crucial point to highlight. You want your attorney to act and conduct themselves in a professional manner as they are speaking on your behalf, especially before a Judge. Sadly, I’ve been in Court and watched other attorney’s clients look embarrassed as their attorney speaks out of turn to a Judge or is late to a hearing. Trust your gut on this one. Professionalism shines through in your attorney and the firm they represent. So, choose carefully. 

Selecting an attorney to handle your needs can be a daunting process but it doesn’t have to be. With the right attorney and firm, you can move confidently to help resolve your case. So, whether you are buying a million dollar house on Sunset Strip or navigating your way through the legal system, make sure you have the right guide. 

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