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In North Carolina, child support agreements are typically set up to be equitable for both parents and their child or children. Child support in N.C. is based on an “income shares” model, designed by the U.S. Office of Child Support Enforcement, that says child support is a shared parental responsibility that allows the child to receive the same income support they would if the parents were still together.

However, navigating child support is one of the biggest hangups in divorce proceedings, and can often drag out the process far longer than necessary. Our child support calculator can help you get an estimate of your child support responsibility in North Carolina, which can potentially help prepare you for negotiations in court.

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Many factors go into calculating how much child support a parent pays, including monthly gross income, alimony (paid or received), and how many children are being supported. If you want to get a basic estimate of your child support obligation, you can enter your information into our North Carolina child support calculator.

Calculate North Carolina Child Support Obligation

Use the child support calculator below to estimate your possible child support obligations. This North Carolina child support calculator can be used during divorce proceedings as well as for child support modifications.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that this child support calculator is provided by Collins Family & Elder Law Group for informational purposes only and is not meant to be considered legal advice.

For the official Child Support Worksheet A from the North Carolina Judicial Branch, visit here.

Work With N.C. Child Support Professionals

Whether you’re facing your first child support agreement or need a modification to the current arrangement, contact the child support attorneys at Collins Family & Elder Law Group in North Carolina. We are ready to help you navigate the child support process.

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