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Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage


Same-sex marriage was legalized in North Carolina less than a year before the Supreme Court ruling on June 26, 2015 extended this right to same-sex couples in all 50 states. Nevertheless, residents of North Carolina are still far from seeing eye to eye.

Both supporters of the decision and those in opposition admitted that the fight over same-sex rights persists despite the landmark ruling. Same-sex couples in North Carolina feel that the Supreme Court only affirmed what they knew all along – everyone is deserving of marriage equality. Opponents, however, consider it arrogant for the Supreme Court to redefine an institution it never actually created in the first place.


It has now been three weeks since the Supreme Court made their decision. Despite the passage of time, news headlines make it clear that the country is still coming to terms with it. One pastor in North Carolina is urging U.S. church congregations to fly the Christian flag above American flags at their properties.

This statement is reflective of one survey which showed that 94 percent of Christians oppose the Court’s ruling. Another survey revealed that 66 percent of American evangelicals believe same-sex relationships are in opposition of God’s will.

It is clear that same-sex couples in North Carolina and throughout the country will be met with opposition regardless of the nationwide legalization of marriage equality. This can cause some individuals to feel discouraged, or fearful that their rights will be disregarded under certain circumstances.

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